Tsumori Chisato, between Japanese innovation and artistic sensibility

Tsumori Chisato, between Japanese innovation and artistic sensibility

The Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato, after attending Tokyo's Bunka Fashion College, began working in 1977 with Issey Miayake, one of the three masters who, along with Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo, in the late 1970s, forced European fashion into renewal.

Today Tsumori Chisato celebrates her innovative style with luxury fabrics, applications, prints and its own designs that make its collections both elegant and fun. Over the years she has received many awards.
In Europe she landed when, after making the decision to open a boutique out of Asia, she chose Paris as her destination in 1999.

Her artistic sensibility is fully reflected in her collections and is also translated through imaginative advertising campaigns. Tsumori's aesthetic is very focused on the prints that someone has called inspired by an irresistible combination of bohemian spirit and manga imaginary.
Almost all prints are hand-painted, with watercolors and pencils, some employ digital rendering. Inspired by various motifs of Japanese culture, contemporary art, but also more mainstream figures like cats and other animals.

Her extremely lively style is still very much tied to Japan, although Tsumori Chisato is based in Paris and travels a lot for work and research.
One of the last trips, Tsumori Chisato's visit to Egypt and her river cruise down the Nile, inspired the Japanese designer to create the spring/summer 2019 collection. 

 Printed sundresses and multicolored knits of ss19 collection will be very interesting if you are in love with the subject matter of papyrus plants, deities, and camels

To be considered as artistic compositions not just for every day, but certainly to feel creative and make the difference.
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